Talitha Koum

Find strength in sensitivity

We present a thoughtful range of sensitive skin-supporting essentials that harness the resilience of the White Dandelion with cutting-edge sustainable science.

Combined with striking artistic design, effortless gender-neutral packaging, and uncompromising standards, Talitha Koum is making strides in skin barrier support.

Our clean beauty essentials not only stand up to the rigors of daily life, but deliver the confidence in the rejuvenation of the overall health of your skin.


Opening Event!

✨ Customers who purchase more than $75 - Lip cure balm (full-size)
✨ Customers who purchase more than $35 - Raffia Bag -M (yellow-brown bag)
✨ All customers - Mini Trial Kit

Talitha Koum HM+Barrier™ Multi Balm 9g

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